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Willingers Golf Club Committed to Providing Wildlife Sanctuary Environmental Stewardship to Lead to Coveted Audubon International Certification.

Willingers Golf Club is in the midst of final qualification for the prestigious designation as a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” by Audubon International. Minnesota has only 12 golf courses that have achieved this status. Willingers Golf Club has a strong commitment to our environment and our environment program at Willinger’s works to provide a sanctuary for wildlife on the course property.

PlantCertification is a multi-step program. To reach certification Willingers will demonstrate a high degree of environmental quality in a number of areas including environmental planning, wildlife & habitat management, outreach & education, integrated pest management, water conservation, and water quality management. The entire staff is committed to maintaining our golf course to the highest standard while preserving and enhancing the surrounding wildlife environment.

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