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Golf at Willingers Golf Club is enhanced by advanced distance measuring technology – GPS by iPar.


Golf is often seen as a game of technique and knowledge of distances. Golfers perfect their technique and grow to understand the distance they can hit the ball using various golf clubs. Having access to true yardage permits the golfer to improve their club selection and, consequently, improve the quality of their play.

Nearly all golf courses have distance markers and yardages marked on sprinkler heads. This offers some information to the golfer; however, the golf game is often slowed down as golfers “pace off” the distance from these markers. golf cart GPS provides distances to clear hazards or to lay-up areas – critical information to golfers wishing to improve their game.

iPar uses sophisticated mapping equipment and mapping software to verify latitudes and longitudes of the tee box, hazards, bunkers and the center of the green. These data points are uploaded into the golfers’ GPS systems and help the satellites verify location and calculate distances.